A Biennial Conference of the SCA and SVA  ➸  May 7-8-9

Organizers · Organizadores

Paul Christians

Stanford University

E. Gabriel Dattatreyan

Goldsmiths, University of London

Mayanthi Fernando

University of California, Santa Cruz

Andrea Muehlebach

University of Toronto

Arjun Shankar

Georgetown University

Film Festival Co-Curators · Co-Curadores del Festival de Peliculas

Fiona P. McDonald

University of British Columbia—Okanagan

Harjant S. Gill

Towson University

Technical Team · Equipo Técnico

University of Toronto

Avi Hyman

Director, Academic & Collaborative Technologies

Peter Cheung

Manager, Academic & Collaborative Technologies

Steve Marks

Digital Preservation Librarian, Libraries

James McAllister

Web Services, Academic & Collaborative Technologies
University of California, Santa Cruz

Gary Gyorkos

Senior Manager, Learning Spaces Operations

John Raedeke

Video Producer/Director, Information Technology Services

Translation · Traducción

Grace Alexandrino Ocaña

Stanford University

Jaime Landinez Aceros

Stanford University

Gloria Clemencia Perez

Vanderbilt University

AAA Registration · AAA Inscripción

Nate Wambold

Director, Meetings & Conferences

Scott Hall

Manager, Database & Web Services

Visuals & Publicity · Imágenes y Publicidad

Suraiya Jetha

Communications Coordinator

University of California, Santa Cruz

Sydney Silverstein

AV Advisor

Wright State University

Joyce Yuqi Liu


University of Pennsylvania

Andrés Romero

Wayne State University

Megan Gette

University of Texas at Austin

Social Media & Captioning · Redes Sociales & Subtitulado

Hannah Quinn

Social Media Advisor

University of Toronto

Jacob Bessen

University of Toronto

Tessa Bonduelle

University of Toronto

Ferda Demirci

University of Toronto

Bronwyn Frey

University of Toronto

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Header Image: Bach, Amy J., Julia A. McWilliams, and Elaine Simon. 2019. "“This is about racism and greed”: Photographs of Philadelphia’s Mass School Closures." Writing with Light Series. https://culanth.org/fieldsights/this-is-about-racism-and-greed

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