A Biennial Conference of the SCA and SVA  ➸  May 7-8-9

Supergroup FR-7: Epistemic Disjunctures · Disyunciones epistémicas

Supergroup: FR-7 Epistemic Disjunctures · Disyunciones epistémicas
  • Public Group
  • A dedicated space for group discussion about Friday's combined session FR-7, on the theme "epistemic disjunctures" · Un espacio dedicado para la discusión grupal sobre la sesión combinada del viernes 7, FR-7, sobre el tema "disyunciones epistémicas":

    1. FR-7A: Identity, Duality, Hybridity – Epistemic Valences in Post-Colonial Africa · Identidad, dualidad, hibridación: valencias epistémicas en África poscolonial
    2. FR-7B: (Re)distributing Anthropological Knowledge · (Re)distribuyendo conocimiento antropológico
    3. FR-7C: Reclaiming Knowledge: Alternative Knowledge Practices, Radical Pedagogies, and the Kurdish Experience · Reclamando el conocimiento: Prácticas alternativas de conocimiento, pedagogías eadicales y la experiencia Kurda
    Keywords · Palabras Claves: identity, ontological duality, epistemic hybridity, anthropology, postcoloniality, Africa, epistemic inequity, knowledge production, circulation-production, locational politics, Delhi, India, politics of knowledge, pedagogy, media, Kurds, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran
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